Creating impact by finding ways to simply be better. Together.

In working with Tanya K. Consulting, you and your team will be better together through understanding and practicing components of Tanya’s leadership model: People Centered Leadership. Specifically, you’ll understand how to listen to yourself, know your purpose, and care for others. Whether in your business, Not for Profit, community, or personal life, enjoy greater clarity on your values, remove that lack of purpose, focus or direction, and lead by inspiring success!

Tanya K. Consulting Services:

  • Custom Consulting, both individual and team based
  • Leadership Workshops
  • Speaking opportunities

Specific topics and themes we use for creating your custom consulting, workshop, or speaker presentation include:

  • How to Do People Centered Leadership
  • Authentically Lead a Successful and Impactful Organization
  • Do Trust: What is Action-Based Trust?
  • Building Authentic and Impactful Relationships
  • Women in Leadership
  • Finding Your Anchored Self in the Workplace
  • What is a Brown Bag Lunch: Creating Change with Lunch, Love, Belonging, and Care.


Watch you and your team flourish as you discover:

  • How highly effective teams use play, purpose, and potential for impact
  • Leadership cultivation for greater empowerment
  • The importance of creating “we”-focused solutions
  • Leading with vision and values for engagement
  • The freedom, opportunity, and excitement of turning thoughts into impactful action

Are you ready to bring your People Centered Leadership to life?