Curious about leading with impact?

Creating change starts with a decision to practice something different or new. Creating lasting impact starts when we focus on people. If you are ready to step into your leadership, think differently and discover your unlimited potential through value, purpose, connection, and action, Tanya K is here to help you.


To inspire people to work better together to enhance greatness.



Inspire change through practice, shared learnings and engagement, and human interactions, encouraging organizations to build into their people so they create positive impact.

Guiding Values

Moving us forward on your journey together are the following values.

Love: behave in kindness above all else

Integrity: be consistent and congruent in who you are, always

Experience: find awesomeness in all experiences, big and small

Community: encourage people to connect, create positive impact and be #bettertogether

Meet Tanya K.


In working together, I promise to support you in finding your play, purpose, and potential needed to create positive change as you define it.”

Tanya K. doesn’t just speak of People Centered Leadership. She is the epitome of it, always focused on helping people be better together. From speaking engagements, custom interactive workshops to leadership consulting, Tanya is committed to helping individuals, businesses and NPO’s build highly engaged teams that are sustainable and thrive working together in pursuit of big things. As an authentic and People Centered Leader and consultant, Tanya has built her career around a passion for empowering people, organizations and communities to be the best they can be.

From the social sector to the corporate world and even the political realm, Tanya has made it her mission to champion collaboration, celebrate human connection and lead authentically, with the aim of creating highly effective teams and meaningfully motivated employees. 

Her uncanny ability to see the needs, assets and gaps within a team or organization, take action to solve problems, and create opportunities to make a real difference, have all been integral in supporting clients in discovering their path to sustainability and success

Outside of Tanya K Consulting, where she is growing and sharing her People Centered Leadership model, Tanya has the opportunity to have 'live' practice as the Executive Director of Brown Bagging for Calgary’s Kids (BB4CK). She feels privileged to be part of a team that is inspiring meaningful action by providing healthy and nutritious lunches to kids who would otherwise go hungry. She is proudly leading this organization with a vision that communities ensure all children are fed, in order to achieve the goal of no hungry kids- in Calgary and possibly, beyond! 

Are you ready to be better. Together?